Our Strategies

To offer several approaches, typically you must use a variety of firms and either be limited to one option or be forced to divide assets among various platforms, adding complexity. We offer a full suite of investment approaches–from basic to sophisticated–on a single platform, providing better and easier coordination of investment policy, allocation and reporting.

  • ATSelect Series
  • ATDynamic Allocation Series
  • ATTrend Series

For large, more complex portfolios, we build custom strategies that combine components of our various strategies with other asset classes to target a specific or custom risk profile. Portfolios are built with a core and satellite approach where core equity and fixed income are the “anchors” for the strategy and non-core or satellite asset classes may be used to improve risk-adjusted returns.


Our Services

Discretionary Investment Management: comprehensive investment management to a variety of client types utilizing multiple strategies

Platform-based Investment Solutions: turn-key investment solutions on an integrated platform, delivered through third-party advisors

Customized Investment Solutions: client driven, risk-based portfolios for high-net-worth clients, endowments, and foundations

Sub-advisory Services: specific investment solutions to other third-parties and third-party platforms