Partner Portal

My Portal Online a web portal that provides the tools and information needed to manage your day-to-day client activities. Our portal is encrypted with the latest in security technology to ensure clients’ sensitive information is safe. It can be permissioned to allow access for compliance oversight, administrative assistants, or other advisors, at your discretion. This simple, yet powerful tool includes many other key features to help you manage your business efficiently.

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Proposal Generation Tool
Creating robust sales presentations has never been easier. Our proposal generator was built specifically for our Advisor Program and the products we deliver. In seven simple steps, you can create a consolidated proposal for one account or for multiple accounts. The resulting sales presentation can be delivered electronically or printed as a formatted PDF file.

What’s included in the proposal output?

Sales Presentation – A profile of each account, account and manager level performance, portfolio risk statistics, risk questionnaire results, etc

Investment Policy Statement – Each account included in a proposal generates its own signature ready Investment Policy Statement (IPS). This IPS provides ATCapital Management all of the necessary guidelines in order to manage your client(s) accounts as desired.

Manager Fact Sheets – These fact sheets contain quantitative and qualitative statistical information on each manager that comprises your client’s portfolio(s).

Account Data


View your book of business on our customizable dashboard. Information on your accounts is broken down into integrated widgets that can be moved, added, or removed to suit your individual needs. A few features include:

  • View a breakdown of your assets under management
  • See when new accounts or money have posted
  • Identify your top clients

Account Information

Instead of accessing your clients’ custodian to view account information, you are able to access the same information on My Portal Online, including drill downs to the security or tax lot levels. You can view:

  • Client information
  • Holdings
  • Transactions
  • Gain/loss information
  • Performance reporting at the account level and sleeve level for UMA portfolios

Client Performance Statements

My Portal Online also includes simple and easy-to-read quarterly performance statements for your clients’ accounts. These statements include:

  • Overview of client’s investment objective
  • Account level performance
  • Sleeve level reporting where applicable.
  • Holdings
  • Transactions

Vault and Research

The Vault

The Vault is the central storage location in My Portal Online that houses all of the documents and forms that you need to efficiently run your business. Some items you have access to include:

  • ATCapital Management’s investment advisory agreements
  • Custodial paperwork
  • Marketing materials

Market & Investment Research

This interactive web page allows you to obtain comprehensive information on product, managers, and the markets. Filter by managers or by models to access statistical analysis, product updates, and manager and model fact sheets. We have also included quick links to additional information to help you stay current with the information you need to know.

  • Manager Form ADV filings
  • Quarterly manager updates
  • Mutual fund prospectuses
  • Security quotes
  • Manager websites

Client Access
My Portal Online was designed to be easy to use. That’s why we built it so that you see exactly what your clients see. This way you can:

  • Easily walk your clients through their account information
  • Quickly answer questions clients may have
  • Avoid confusion when discussing account information with clients over the telephone.