Investment Management

ATCapital Management provides a fully discretionary approach for the management of your clients’ assets.  We offer investment solutions that fit a wide variety of client needs ranging from:

  • Strategic mutual fund/ETF portfolios with tactical management
  • SMA strategies
  • UMA portfolios
  • Income solutions
  • Customized Investment Solutions

Take advantage of our investment management services in one of many ways:

  • Use our custody arrangements and reporting technology for one or all of our investment solutions.
  • Maintain your current custodian and we can simply take over the management of your clients’ assets where they are.  You can still use our reporting technology if you would like.
  • Or, do you like the reporting system provided by your firm?  With the proper arrangement, we can work with you that way too.

Leverage our strength in managing core investment products and our expertise in selecting proven managers to enhance the quality of your client relationships and the efficiency of your business.  Partner with us in the manner that best suits your business’ needs.  Learn more about our investment solutions.