Fixed Income Strategies

It is our belief that the role of a core fixed income portfolio should generate suitable levels of current income, preserve capital, and provide diversification when combined with other asset classes.  We moderate risk and volatility by concentrating on the intermediate area of the yield curve.  Maturity structure is managed to eliminate major reinvestment risk and we make modest duration adjustments when economic conditions warrant.

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ATManaged Fixed Income Portfolio

ATManaged Fixed Income Portfolio


The ATManaged Fixed Income Portfolio seeks current income and consistent risk-adjusted returns.  We invest primarily in government and corporate bonds, seeking to outperform the Barclays Capital Intermediate Government/Credit index over a full market cycle.


  • Primarily invests in government, corporate, and mortgage-backed securities
  • Maintains an allocation similar to the Barclays Capital Intermediate Government/Credit index
  • Portfolio average quality of “AA” or better
  • Portfolio duration between three and six years
  • Active cash allocation